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XouClock (English Guide) 2007. 4. 17. 21:38

XouClock Screensaver : Multi-version v.1.5

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You can adjust 'open time', 'quitting time' and mode you want to see first by 'ini' file.
The XouClock search ini file in C root drive. (ini file must be in C root drive.)

Download XouClock Screensaver Multi-version 1.5

After uncompress, you can see following 3 files.

xouClock_multi_SaverInstaller.exe : Installation file

xouClock.ini : Initial value file

readme_multi.txt : help file (Korean)


How to install


1. Install 'xouClock_multi_SaverInstaller.exe'. You can see confirm in display properties window (screensaver tab).

2. And then you must copy 'xouClock.ini' to C drive root(C:\).
If the XouClock didn't find xouClock.ini file in C drive root, it works in default mode.

* default mode : Mode 1(current time), 9am to 6pm.
* If you want to change mode, open time and qutting time, just modify xouClock.ini file in C drive root.

* If you want to qutting the XouClock, type [ESC].
  This is multi-menu-version, so it can't be quit by moving mouse.

Thank you!

// Han.

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