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XouClock for PSP : English 본문


XouClock for PSP : English 2008. 10. 17. 12:43
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Now you can see Xou Clock on your device such as PSP which can launch flash(.swf) file. Actually I developed it 4 years ago at the same time as I develop XouClock screensaver. I just remembered where psp version is.

I removed flipping animation for a device which is using not enough resource of CPU when running Flash.

Click above link to get a file. This zip file contains two files. See below for a detail.

XouClock_noFlip.swf : It just shows current time.
XouClock_noFlip_multi.swf : It has full functions of XouClock like showing current time, elapsed time and remaining time.


I don't have PSP, but I'm using it on my PMP and it looks good. :-) You can use it on any device which can launch Flash 7 (.swf). Try it.

If you have any question, leave your comment here.


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